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final year ieee projects for cse students

Networks have always been the hot cake of research for several years. From wired networks to wireless networks, several researches continue to be published in IEEE Journals and Conferences every year. Surprisingly, very few advanced tools are available for networks related simulations. When it comes to networks, NS2 has always topped the simulation chart. It comes pre-packaged with several protocol implementations like AODV,AOMDV etc , so that a researcher could spend more time on what he is planning to implement.

We suggest the best ieee 2016 ns2 projects in chennai for final year ece students. We do not stop guiding only ieee 2016 final year ns2 projects, In addition we train students in ns2 technologies and implement own ns2 project ideas also.An integral part of any NS2 simulation are the trace file and nam file it generates. Among these, the trace file is the heart of simulation as it contains the simulation events that took place every second. Sadly,

ieee 2016 projects

NS2 Projects IE 2016

I. NS2 based MANET
  1. Down-Coverd certainty type for Recognition of Egotistical Junction in MANETs
    (IE 2016).
  2. Recognice DoS Irruption using MrDR Mechanism in blending two MANETs
    (IE 2016).
  3. Remodeling Loyalty of Bundle Junction in MANETs: A Down-covered Approach
    (IE 2016).
  4. Reducing Repulse of Maintenance Encounter in OLSR Manners Using Fictitious Fork
    (IE 2016).
II. NS2 based WSN
  1. A Frizzy based Collecting Method for WSN to Stretch the Patchwork Career
    (IE 2016).

  2. RAEED:A According to Purified Solving to Purpose Sinkhole Mugging in Wireless Sensor Jungle (IE 2016).
  1. Economical Discharge of NIST-Submissive craggy Loop Cryptography for 8-bit AVR-Stioned Sensor Junction (IE 2016).
  2. Strike Oppodeed To AODV Hunting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Complex (IE 2016).
  3. Defiant Blackhole Attacks on MANETs (IE 2016).
IV. NS2 based SDN
  1. Powerful Force for Flop Resumption and Reinvigoration in SDN (IE 2016).
  2. Retaining Strength in Halfway Deployed Filemanagement De?ned Organization (IE 2016).
V. NS2 based VANET
  1. ART: An Attack-Resistant Trust Management Scheme for Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (IE 2016).
  2. A New Group Diffie-Hellman Key Generation Proposal for Secure VANET Communications .(IE-2016).
  3. Performance Modeling and Analysis of the IEEE 802.11p EDCA Mechanism for VANET (IE 2016).
  1. Anonymous Authentication for Wireless Body Area Networks With Provable Security (IE 2016).
  2. BAN-Trust: An Attack-Resilient Malicious Node Detection Scheme for Body Area Networks (IE 2016).
  1. Simulation Comparison and Analysis of DSR and DYMO Protocols in MANETs
    (IE 2016).
  2. Security analysis of IoT protocols: A focus in CoAP (IE 2016).
  1. Extending the Lifetime of Dynamic Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Using Multi-Population Harmony Search Algorithm (IE 2016).
  2. Dynamic Node Cooperation in An Underwater Data Collection Network
    (IE 2016).
best project center in chennai

most of the project centers donít go beyond the nam file, which is simply an animation file for demonstrational purposes.
This is not a research and is merely a demo. We, in UNIQ, do an in-depth analysis of these trace files by employing code in perl and awk to mine valuable information from them. We guarantee that the code we deliver to you is of perfect quality, which no other institute strives to achieve.

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